This is the second post on useful travel tools, so perhaps I am starting a new series here at (albeit over a year apart). If you missed the first one, go check out my post on TripIt Pro, and how I’ve saved both time and money since I signed up almost 2 years ago.

The link I will be using below is a referral link. If you want to try Service after reading this post, you will save $20 off your first charge, and I will receive $10 cash. I want to be totally upfront about that.

I learned about Service in April 2018 and immediately gave it a try. If you are familiar with Paribus, a company that combs your email inbox for purchases and makes claims for rebates when prices drop at major retailers, Service kind of works the same for hotel prices. But instead of stopping there, they also keep track of your flights and will automatically make a claim when your flights are delayed or cancelled.

Flight benefits

Most people probably don’t know they can receive a “good will” voucher for flight delays or cancellations, since they are mostly just frustrated and rushing to find their next available flight.

Or maybe they’re aware, but don’t know how or where to file the forms, or expect the process to be tricky, time consuming, or confusing.

Fortunately, Service takes care of all of that for you, behind the scenes. They will alert you when they file a claim, and then the airline has a period of sometimes 30-45 days to handle the claim. It might get approved, or it might get denied if the cause of the delay was outside of their control, like weather.

While 30-45 days might be the common time frame, sometimes an approval can come much faster than that! I had a flight delayed 7 days ago, which caused me to miss a connection and miss out on a hotel room I had already paid for separately. I was able to rebook for the following day, but I lost 13 hours of my quick 3-day weekend vacation to Richmond, VA. But behold, around lunchtime today, I received an email that Service had successfully claimed a $50 voucher on American Airlines for that delayed flight, and it is good for 1 year from today.


Hotel benefits

As I mentioned earlier, Service works similar to Paribus, but for hotels. But instead of getting some sort of rebate after the purchase transaction with shopping, they will automatically re-book the hotel room for the cheaper price, saving you from having to keep searching for a deal after you’ve made your reservation.

Service allows you to link most of the world’s top hotel loyalty rewards programs, so any points bookings can result in points being rebated to your rewards account, as well.


So how does Service get paid? They have three plans:

Starter plan charges $0 up front, but 30% of whatever amount they earn for you. If they re-book a hotel room and save you $50, you’ll owe them $15 of that $50. This will be charged to the credit card you keep on file in your Service account.

Frequent traveler plan is $49 per year, but there is no fee for the good will vouchers you receive. There is a 15% deduction for EC 261 (European Union payments for delays) claims.

The highest tier is Road Warrior. For $199 per year, there are no fees from Service, so everything they find for you is yours to keep. I bought into a similar tier 15 months ago that was $199 for life, so I will get these Road Warrior benefits for as long as I keep traveling.

If nothing else, it is worth signing up for the Starter plan and finding out if Service ever finds money that you weren’t expecting. If you are a frequent traveler for either business or pleasure, it may make sense to buy into one of the other two tiers and earn hundreds back per year. Wouldn’t it be awesome to partially fund your next vacation with a rebate you’ve earned from a business flight your company paid for?

One final time, my referral link is:

Have you heard of products like Paribus or Service before? Have you had any luck getting money back from these products? Tell me what you think in the comments!


  1. Oooh! This is neat. I clicked through when I saw your tweet the other day, but actually having your entire post to read (and reread!) was a huge help. I think we might sign up, but I’m not sure we travel enough for anything more than the starter plan.

    Guess I need to reread this again! Ha!

    1. It’s probably one of those things (like happened to me) where you’ll get an email one day and be glad you at least signed up because you’ll have a $50 voucher in your inbox all of the sudden 😁.
      Nothing wrong with a pay-as-you-go plan. You’ll only pay if they find you money!

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