By Josh October 3, 2018

Yesterday, I put a post on Twitter asking people “Which of these events actually happened at #FinCon18 ??”

If you are a literal person like I am, you read the answer in #4, but it didn’t stop 43% of voters from choosing one of the first 3 options.

So here’s the backstory on all of them:

  1. Before the Plutus Awards, Piggy and Kitty from Bitches Get Riches were having drinks in the Headwaters Lounge with J.D. Roth and Tanja Hester. I joined them, as an internet friend to the 3 ladies, and a new acquaintance to J.D. (we met two days earlier). After a while, J.D. reached out to Pete (Mr. Money Mustache) to see if he wanted to join and meet the Bitches Get Riches, and he joined us a little while later. J.D. had another meeting scheduled (he literally had about 40 on his must-attend schedule, plus others penciled in) so he took off. A few other bloggers joined, but pretty quickly everyone realized that Plutus Awards started soon and most ran off to grab a bite for dinner before the ceremony, including MMM. In his haste to head to dinner, he neglected to pay the bill for his beer and the beer of his girlfriend. At this point, it was just me and Piggy & Kitty, so I scooped up the bill and paid for Pete’s beer. I’ve certainly learned more than $20 in knowledge from his site over the years. No big deal.
  2. Instead of attending the closing party on Saturday night, a group of about 7 of us started out in the pool, and as the night wore on, upwards of 40 FinCon people joined us. But early in the night, I watched Jonathan from ChooseFI do a lap of the pool doing Butterfly, and a little while later he and Brad raced a lap of Freestyle. Being a competitive person, I was looking to get into a race myself. I was an excellent swimmer in my younger days, but I definitely don’t have the athlete “look” nowadays at 6’5″ and 300+ lbs. So we raced, and Jonathan was out to an early lead, but Butterfly is a stroke necessitating endurance and good technique. I kept by his side for half of the pool, then slowly crept up and passed him, using only 4 breaths for the approximately 35-40 yard pool.
  3. Putting details from those two stories together, I’m a 6’5″ 300+ lb guy, and friends with the increasingly popular Bitches Get Riches. After the self-proclaimed “humble Bitches” (read their blog, they actually use that term) won TWO Plutus Awards on Friday night, I served as a bodyguard of sorts. I carries the spoils of their victory (backpacks full of goodies, trophies and drink tickets) while watching out for guys who were trying to get too close or who wouldn’t leave them alone.
  4. All of the above are true stories.
  1. Haha, you are a good writer, Josh! I am incredibly sorry I missed the swim races. I was a competitive swimmer back in the day and I’d like to believe I would’ve creamed y’all. Next time 😉

  2. At age 10, I held every pool record in my hometown. I was Michael Phelps before Michael Phelps was Michael Phelps. 😉
    But I can totally see that you were a swimmer!

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