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[Caution: Many of the links below are referral links. They will not cost you anything extra, but I may earn some commission ($$ or travel points) if you click them and sign up for the products that I use and love!]


Charles Schwab High-Yield Checking: I signed up in February 2018 to receive a $100 bonus. This required me to also open a Charles Schwab brokerage account, with a minimum of $1,000 balance. The AWESOME thing about Charles Schwab bank is they refund ALL ATM FEES, including FOREIGN ATMs, which makes this a must-have for world travelers. The account also pays 0.20% interest, which is very high for a checking account.

Credit Cards:

Investment accounts:

Vanguard – because most of the funds you want to buy are Vanguard funds anyway. Why pay some middle-man when you can invest directly with them? I’m all about the VTSAX (Total stock market index fund – Admiral Shares) with 0.04% fees.

Betterment – I used Betterment for a few years while I was slowly building up my account balances and wanted their globally-diversified set of 12 index funds, balanced however you choose between stocks and bonds (I did 90/10). But once I decided to take a more active role in my investments, it didn’t make sense to pay 0.25% to Betterment when I could get the same funds for 84% lower fees with Vanguard. But it’s a great place for beginners!

Charles Schwab – One of the requirements of my High Yield Checking account with Schwab was that I set up a brokerage account with a minimum of $1000. Trading fees are now $0.

Fidelity – I signed up for this one for a $200 bonus offer. Fidelity, Schwab and Vanguard are the three titans of the low-cost investing world.

Stocks for purchases I make:

Bumped – I got in early, and I hear there’s still a waiting list, but I joined over a year ago and have earned over $50 in fractional shares of companies such as Yum Brands (Pizza Hut and Taco Bell), Dunkin (the Donuts part is now silent), Lowe’s, CVS, Brinker (Chili’s) and McDonald’s. There are many other companies to choose from, but you can only select 1 brand per type of retailer, so I get Brinker instead of Applebee’s, for example, or Lyft instead of Uber shares. Referral link:

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